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Rapido Podia

Die Information im Zellinneren

In modern times, the medical laser is used as a versatile and valuable tool in various fields of medicine, not only for its therapeutical features but also for the selective action in tissue vaporization.

RAPIDO PODIA is a modern fusion among reliable technology and clinical collaboration developed to treat several conditions related to foot & ankle, promoting healing and avoiding symptoms recurrence.


RAPIDO PODIA laser is a drug-free antalgic solution used to decrease inflammations as well as the presence of fungi and bacteria.

The features of the unit also allow to treat warts at the root, safely vaporizing the layers of the warts with selective papilloma eradication (HPV).


RAPIDO PODIA Laser helps relieve painful symptoms caused by plantar fasciitis and joint bursitis, tendon and muscle pain etc.

All protocols are pre-set and ready to use.

Besonderheiten der Sedatelec Laser


  • Through the powerful beam of leaser light, RAPIDO PODIA Laser works by providing safe de-epithelization of the skin layers up to the heart of the papilloma virus. Laser treatments of warts are typically related to no or less recurrence of symptoms.


  • Foot problems represent a big risk for diabetic people.

  • These delicate patients, in fact, should have their feet constantly monitored to avoid severe consequences, including amputation. Diabetes slows blood flow and causes ulcers that are very difficult to treat and heal. 

  • Clinical studies have shown that laser energy causes blood to flow out of clogged arteries, allowing the normal function of the tissue treated to be restored.

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